We offer a variety of workshops for parents and caregivers as well as schools.  Our mission is to help all children thrive in all areas of learning by providing adults with the inspiration, knowledge and skills needed to support development.  Workshops, Coaching, or multi-day training events with Beth for schools, childcare centers and parent groups can be scheduled through Conscious Discipline here.

For details about Conscious Disicpline workshops click the image above.

For details about Conscious Disicpline workshops click the image above.

Contact us for workshops available in our local area or Beth's speaking engagements around the country.  A full list of Conscious Discipline workshops is available at www.consciousdiscipline.com

Series Workshop

This class series is designed for parents who are facing the overwhelming challenges of raising children today. Class content is adapted from the Conscious Discipline® framework.  Conscious Discipline® is unique because it defines discipline, not as something you do to children, but rather something you develop within them. It teaches new skills to the adult first and the children second, empowering you to become the mindful parent you want to be. Attendees will learn the 7 powers (perception, unity, attention, free will, acceptance, love, and intention) which lead to 7 skills (composure, encouragement, assertiveness, choices, empathy, positive intent, and consequences). These skills and powers are those we need to transform everyday discipline issues into teaching moments. Beginning with some of the science behind behavior and brain development to better understand and be able to manage behavior, we will then learn these 7 powers and 7 skills that will transform our parenting and other relationships.

Cost:  $300 per person or $400 per couple (enrolled Kindermusik families save $40- Includes 8 -2+ hour workshops and handout packet.

Participants will need a copy of the book "Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline" by Dr. Becky Bailey for use during the series (ebook, audiobook or physical copy). 

The weekly workshops will include lecture, sharing, and discussion.  Each individual class during the series will include appropriate handouts and be followed up with an email, reviewing what we have covered and providing additional information on the topics discussed. 

Get in touch with us for our next series dates

Contact us for workshops available in our local area or Beth's speaking engagements around the country.  A full list of Conscious Discipline workshops is available at www.consciousdiscipline.com

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to custom design a series, workshop, or private coachng session for your parent group.


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Discipline Connections for Parents



Beth Anspach, Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor offering classes, workshops and coaching for parents and families.  


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Power Struggles:  Reducing, Redirecting and Reconciling - Part II

Do you find yourself in a frequent tug-of-war with your child? Have you discovered that once engaged in a power struggle neither you nor your child win?  Want to break out of the lose-lose situation created by constant power struggle? Good news!  There is a better way. This workshop, based on work by Dr. Becky Bailey, author of Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, can help transform the daily push and pull into opportunities to develop important life skills and strengthen your relationship with your child. This workshop outlines skills for understanding and dealing with power struggles. During our time together we will

  • Understand how our beliefs about power impact our discipline methods

  • Learn a process that will help prevent future power struggles

  • Acquire skills needed to get out of power struggles when we find ourselves in one

  • Discover ways to reconcile once a power struggle has occurred.

Regardless of whether you attended part I we welcome you to attend part II of as there will be sufficient review.

Free for enrolled Pathways to Learning Kindermusik families - all others $20 donation that will go directly to our outreach programs.

Next Bite Sized Workshop Date -TBD

Other Conscious Discipline workshop possibilities

Handling the fussing and the fits;

Helping children recognize and manage their emotions

Have you ever thought your child’s emotional response to something was “over the top?” Not sure how to manage your child’s tantrums, outbursts, or overexcitement? Managing your AND your child's strong emotions is one of the biggest challenges of parenting. This workshop will help re-tool your tool box with strategies that enable you and your child to compose yourself, regulate emotions, and offer empathy to others. Research shows that self-regulation is the # 1 skill required for a successful life and at least 40% of children are missing this skill! By learning to self-regulate and in turn teaching your child, you will both be able to reach your highest potential and establish healthy relationships. Offering mature empathy gives children a stable foundation of knowing that they matter, are loved, and are capable of handling the opportunities and challenges they face in life.  In this workshop participants will;

  • Uncover their typical response to the four main emotions (Mad, Glad, Sad, and Afraid)

  • Discover how to self-regulate and key ways to help children learn this valuable skill

  • Understand how to respond to upset and extreme emotions

  • Begin to reframe behavior in order to respond rather than react to their child

  • Learn how to help children become emotionally intelligent; able to recognize, name, and tame their own emotions

Cool, Calm and Connected: Wiring your child for success


Do you struggle staying calm when your child misbehaves or pushes your buttons. Without composure, at the end of their rope, parents will be more likely to react to their child than to respond. These reactions often take the form of angry tones and words, attempts to shame, manipulate, and / or punish. In this scenario everyone loses. The parent, left with guilt over their actions, often becomes permissive and the child, filled with fear (of varying forms) isn’t able to learn anything helpful from the experience. Not only does no learning happen during these exchanges but the resulting fear limits the brain’s ability to make important connections.

This workshop will help parents understand how to transform this pattern of reactive parenting, become conscious of the thoughts and feelings that escalate these encounters, and learn to be intentional with and responsible for their words and actions. Participants will:

  • Examine individual beliefs about discipline, redefine discipline and reframe misbehavior

  • Find ways to become calm and stay calm when triggered.

  • Learn specific strategies for teaching children to self-calm

  • Explore discipline strategies that teach rather than punish

  • Gain knowledge of the how human connection wires the brain for success

 Saying no and being heard; Setting limits without guilt

Saying No setting limits.jpg

Have you ever given in to your child just to get them to stop whining or crying; maybe overreacted to your child’s misbehavior, or bribed, coerced or manipulated your child into cooperating?  Do some of your discipline encounters leave you filled with regret?  When we manage our guilt by fighting or giving in to our children we end up teaching our child the same behaviors we are trying to avoid. As parents we cannot be passive in our discipline style and expect our children to behave. We also cannot be aggressive, seek to blame or over power, and hope that our children will develop healthy self-control, self-discipline, and self-esteem. We must learn to be assertive and empower our children to cooperate.

Would you like to know what to say and do instead of bribe, threaten, or coerce to help your child more likely work with you?  There is another way. This workshop will help parents take their power back and begin managing their children rather than their guilt. As a participant you will:

  • Discover your primary voice (passive, aggressive, or assertive)

  • Learn to find and use your assertive voice

  • Learn to be firm and fair without fear or guilt

  • Learn how to increase your child’s motivation to cooperate

  • Practice a step by step process to setting limits, offering choices, and responding to the child who is in an uncooperative state.

  • Learn how acceptance helps a child accept “No” and “Not Now”.



To Praise or not to Praise? - Fostering healthy self-esteem

Every parent wants to help their children develop healthy self-esteem and be successful, willing to take on challenges that arise throughout life. Unfortunately the strategies often used in this effort do not actually support that development. Research shows that the development of a positive self-concept or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to the happiness and success of children and teenagers. It has also shown that praise can have an adverse effect on children, undermining this goal. So what’s a parent to do? At this workshop participants will….

  • Learn what research says about the effects of praise on children of all ages.

  • Realize what adult’s word choices communicate to children about what they value and how the world works.

  • Learn how to change or tweak their current language to encourage and motivate children.

  • Discover a few helpful, easy to implement, skills that will allow children to become more self-aware, gain confidence, and be motivated to repeat desirable behaviors.

Rewards, Punishments, and Consequences oh my!


 “That’s it! You are grounded for life!” or “You’re going to lose that toy (or privilege) if you do that again!”  Have you ever found yourself imposing a consequence on your child that you ended up regretting, one that you know you cannot actually enforce, or one you feel guilty after enforcing? Do you find yourself giving in or using the same consequence repeatedly and wondering if it is really teaching your child/teen? Want to know the one thing that you can take away or dangle in front of a child to motivate them to behave? In this workshop, participants will

  • Gain a new understanding of the effective and ineffective intentions and use of consequences.

  • Discover how to effectively set consequences that teach children to take responsibility without blaming you.

  • Understand how both rewards and punishments are interpreted by the brain and how best to actually motivate desired behavior.


Routines and Rituals;  Building safety and predictability into your child’s day


Routines provide structure and predictability for children, increasing feelings of safety and security in the environment. Rituals support connection and boding between adults and children and unity in the family.  Want to know how to best structure and present routines in your home?  Want to learn how to give your children a Brain Smart Start and the 4 components that make rituals most effective?  This workshop is for you.

I’m telling!  Dealing with tattling effectively

Ever wonder why children feel the need to tattle on one another?  Want to know how to best handle tattling so that children feel heard and learn to take care of their own conflict.  Come and discover the 3 reasons children tattle and how to respond to each type of tattling appropriately.  Learn how to turn tattling into an opportunity to build unity and helpfulness as well as develop assertiveness for the children involved.  Finally find out how to help children use the structure of the Conscious Discipline Time Machine to restore after conflict has occurred.